Newsflash 001

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Unprecedented Raid by the Grey Terror

The widely feared Grey Terror, a group that terrorizes the rim colonies since over a decade now, attacked and raided a machine factory on Mag Cíuin, the only permanently inhabited celestial object in the δ Pavonis system.

The attack seemed to be aimed at Zoya Amari, who, according to rumors, might be the person behind Red Sparrow, who was the face of a Hacker group that brought down the Grey Terror over six years ago. How her identity got revealed and if more people of the group are at risk, is unknown.

Explosion! Service station completely destroyed!

As if an attack of the Grey Terror is not enough! A service station in orbit around δ Pav b in the δ Pavonis system was completely destroyed after a core meltdown. Records show two docked ships and at least five visitors at the time. According to investigation reports by local authorities the chance of survivors is rather low.

It is unknown if the incident is connected to the recent attack of the Grey Terror.